This IDC study, designed for CIOs and other IT leaders, provides insights into the changing role and future talent management challenges of the enterprise architect position. It discusses the enhanced knowledge, skills, and business acumen that will be required by future enterprise architects to successfully interact with new types of internal stakeholders and more technically advanced business users. The study concludes with guidance on specific steps to ensure that these guardians of your enterprise digital environment are properly positioned and trained to integrate new 3rd Platform and leading-edge technologies into your existing ecosystem.
This document is concerned with strategic architecture, IT talent management, and leading in 3D.
“The role of the enterprise architect will expand in both complexity and importance,” says Eric Bloom, adjunct analyst with the IT Executive Program (IEP). “The increased complexity is due to the ever-expanding combination of new technologies, ecosystems, and business models, which must be carefully integrated into a single, stable, secure, and cost-effective computing environment.”


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