This IDC Insight provides CIOs with a useful way to identify the business applicability of BDA. It is also a framework for explaining BDA’s potential to executives in terms that focus BDA investments on present and future business value. This document is part of a series that will cover the business impact for all four of the pillars of the 3rd Platform.
Big Data and analytics is one of the pillars of IDC’s 3rd Platform, a set of business-transforming technologies and applications that also includes cloud services, mobility, and social business. The use of BDA to support business strategies is a multifaceted subject. On the one hand, it is a matter of collecting and aggregating internal and external sources of information — often in real time — as seamlessly as possible to enable analysis. In another sense, it’s about developing the insights from analytics to extract value from those enormous data stores. On yet another level, it’s a question of where and how those insights are applied within the enterprise (on behalf of the agenda of the CEO, CFO, CMO, etc.).
Ultimately, however, BDA, used effectively, enables a continuous process of leveraging massive streams of structured and unstructured information for business value.


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