This IDC study describes the IDC MaturityScape for network transformation services. It identifies the stages, dimensions, outcomes, and actions required for businesses to transform their network operations, organizations, products, and services for success. This study also serves as a guide for business and technology executives to identify areas in need of improvement in support of network transformation. This IDC MaturityScape for network transformation services provides snapshots of the stages of maturity that a business must achieve. This study:

  • Describes the IDC MaturityScape framework for network transformation services in terms of how the network and its processes can be transformed, progressing from ad hoc and uncoordinated efforts through an aspirational view of a fully optimized, continually transforming business
  • Provides guidance to business and technology executives on the areas in which they need to improve networking competencies

This IDC MaturityScape will enable business and technology leaders to assess their current state and readiness to undertake network transformation as a competitive strategy.


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