This IDC study describes IDC’s Information Digital Transformation MaturityScape, a framework for identifying the stages, critical measures, outcomes, and actions required for IT organizations to effectively evolve to information transformation as a critical enabler of the digital transformation of their enterprise.
This study serves as a guide for business and technology executives to identify areas in need of enhancement in support of digital transformation in five key areas or disciplines of information transformation:

  • Data Discovery
  • Value Development
  • Value Realization
  • Knowledge and Collaboration
  • Information Architecture

IDC’s Information Digital Transformation MaturityScape enables an organization to assess its competency and maturity and use a baseline in defining short- and long-term goals and plans for improvements. It also enables executives to prioritize and obtain guidance in leveraging and managing their fastest-growing asset: the information asset. With this document, an organization can use a comprehensive set of objective criteria to benchmark its maturity against an industry benchmark — in the quest to achieve facts-based and data-driven decision making and derive desired outcomes based on business-oriented organizational goals.


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