May, 23th, 2019, Lisbon

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May, 24th, Lisbon


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Business operates at an often ferocious pace, and security and privacy needs to keep up. The challenge for security professionals is to keep the organisation secure, while also ensuring compliance with GDPR, all within the context of the business as a whole.

However, pulling this challenge off demands changes to the way in which security is approached, and to the set of technologies deployed.

. Has best of breed had its day?

. Are cognitive technologies sufficiently mature and reliable?

. Is cloud the answer, or anathema, to security?


The Cybersecuurity Forum 2018 will share IDC’s latest research and key players and experts thinking on delivering security and privacy at the speed of business.

Topics to be covered:

. Next-generation security

. Supply-chain protection

. Security intelligence

. Privacy

. Vulnerability assessment

. Data loss prevention

. Risk Management

. Identity and access management

. Threat management

. Security-by-design


This event is best suited to:

. IT/IS Directors and Managers

. Financial Directors and Managers

. Sales & Marketing Directors and Managers

. Infrastruture Directors and Managers

. Information Security Directors and Managers

. Data Warehousing/Strage Managers

. IT Architects

. Data Managers Analysts


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<<IDC Workshop Afternoon>>
Workshop Using COBIT® 5 for Info and Cybersecurity Governance and Management

. Understand howinformation security can be a competitive advantage for business and how organizations can ensure an adequate alignment of stakeholder benefits with the objectives of the information system;

. Understand the main callenges facing organizations in an increasingly hyperconnected context and more exposed to cyber-threats;

. Understand the concepts related to the structure and format of the COBIT® 5 framework, the motivations and benefits of organizations adopting the framework in the governance and management of their information system;

. Understand how to reduce complexity and maximize the cost-effectiveness of information security and cybersecurity through a systemic model of good practice;

. To know the strategies and good practices to improve the integration of security in Organizations;

. Raise awareness of the importance of risk management in the implementation and maintenance of safety programs;

. Integrate information security and cyber security into organizations innovation and competitiveness strategies;


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