Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Leadership Forum® 2019

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How to transform data into value?

May, 14th, 2019, Lisbon


The premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services and main Information Management School in Portugal bring to you an exclusive one-day event!


+ 300 Attendees

+ 10 Partners

+ 40% Top Management

+ 90% Global Satisfaction


Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics in general is continuing to garner significant investment and attention from European organizations. IDC finds leading companies in this space are increasingly taking a data-driven approach to running their business, where data is exploited as an organizational asset and leveraged to help transform and automate business processes. Organizations also have more tool choice for managing and analyzing this data. Machine learning and its ability to adapt and learn from data provides the promise of organizations being able to develop and deliver intelligent data tools and applications.

In practice however, this is not always a straightforward activity. As big data, AI and Analytics use cases evolve and the pace of technology innovation increases, companies are faced with the challenge of managing a diverse toolset and environment and integrating intelligent insights into core processes and business operations.

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Leadership Forum provides a holistic view of the complex and vibrant market for business use of intelligent systems by combining software product-related research with coverage of the broader market opportunities, user views, user implementations, tools for success, and a view of its ecosystem.


  •  AI technologies and platforms, market developments and trends
  • Vertical industry adoption and use cases for AI/Cognitive computing
  • Data as a Service
  • Data monetization
  • Big Data and analytics best practices
  • Impact of AI on business analytics
  • Decision management frameworks
  • Data visualization and discovery
  • Unified access to content and data
  • Cloud (hybrid cloud and multicloud) adoption of business analytics
  • Open source business analytics
  • Mobile business analytics
  • Data privacy & security


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