Professional life is changing. This is especially true for technical trends and developments in different work environments. As never before, companies are now forced to adapt to these profound technological changes.

In the future, a standard workstation no longer meets the requirements. Instead, workers will have the chance to do their job more flexibly according to their own needs. This requires organizational changes such as flexible work schedules and free choice of workplace, above all, innovative IT solutions and concepts.

Automating business processes with many documents and delivering IT from the cloud are, in IDC’s point of view, much more important. In addition, information protection is increasingly important to face digital information on a scale that is difficult to imagine today.

IDC’s Workplace of the Future Conference is critical in educating enterprises to the successful and long-term strategy setting of their businesses across Portugal. This unique conference will be filled with thought-provoking presentations, analyst engagement, real-world case studies, and access to leading enterprise technology solution providers.

“Although a lot of investment and attention are going towards cloud and digital transformation, CIOs & senior IT Executives across Europe remain responsible for delivering workplace solutions to their increasingly demanding users.

At the confluence of mobility, BYOD, security, collaboration and as-a-service delivery, next generation workplace solutions are complex and more relevant today than they have ever been.”

Lionel Lamy
Associate Vice President – European Software & Services, IDC


Consulte aqui os resultados da edição de 2017 deste evento.

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