10 de Maio, 2018

What is your role in the Digital Transformation?

3rd Plataform technologies such as cloud, IoT and cognitive Systems — and the digital transformations they enable in every industry — are becoming mainstream at a massive new scale. They are disrupting the ways organisations have operated for decades. Organisations must transform their business models to change how they engage with their customers, innovate around new products and services and re-think how they operate.

To lead in this digital economy; enterprise leaders must use IT to enable customer intimacy at a massive scale, establish high-value data pipelines in and out of the enterprise, dramatically expand and shift teams of developers, tap industry innovation platforms and communities and create value through IoT and cognitive systems. The future is promising for companies transforming to compete in the digital economy.

The challenge for an organization’s leadership is in creating a road map that identifies transformative projects that are going to bring these advancement, and inculcating them into the organisations’ ethos and processes.

The CXO Conference gathers leaders from the technology, finance, marketing, human resource and administrative functions in one room. The CXO Conference returns to provide business and technology leaders with a platform to learn, share and debate the key challenges and opportunities of new technologies and ways of doing business.


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