18 de outubro, Centro de Congressos do Estoril



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In 2018, digital transformation (DX) will continue to dramatically reshape the global economy as the 3rd Platform’s second chapter hits full stride.

In this chapter, digital innovation – and IT industry growth – will be fueled by open innovation cosystems, massive data sharing and monetization, and hyper-agile application deployment technologies.

A new ”IT world order” is emerging, around changing technologies, new offerings, evolving business models, and emerging DX use cases.

New IT industry power positions will emerge, IT vender leadership ranks will be disrupted, and IT buyers will need to adjust and adapt to properly position for future sucess.

IDC Directions® 2018 conference will provide the vision and insight needed to navigate the rapibly changing landscape and help you mitigate risk, apply innovation, speed time to market, and drive business outcomes!


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